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animated_hands_clapping_765The Library's Kudos' Program is designed to provide the means to recognize the staff who make a contribution "above-and-beyond the call of duty."

Charlene Bond and Christy Maxwell do an outstanding job! They are both professional, friendly, and go above and beyond to make my visits and participation in the book club a wonderful experience. Thank you so much! Judy Lynn Hooser/December 8, 2015

I would like to give kudos to the Circulation Staff for all their hard work and dedication this week! Christy, Michael, Omar, Terry, Monek and Christine. Each stepped up to the plate without hesitation and should be recognized for their efforts!  Taneshia Jernigan/ April 10, 2015 

Ms. King, I spoke with you recently regarding two of your staff, Charlene and Taneshia. They are an asset to the city as well as the library. They are able to balance professionalism and kindess, courtesy and humor. Having moved here about one year ago after the loss of my 47 year old daugher to ALS, I never thought I would laugh again. All of your staff but especially these two ladies made my day brighter when I see them.  C. Johnson/March 16, 2015

img_1794  I am so impressed with the staff at Pasquotank library. I have been in to library 3 times since I moved to Elizabeth City. Each time has been a pleasant experience. Last week I had placed a hold on a couple of books and I had forgotten to change my "home" library to Pasquotank, so I called in and was told how to rectify this and the books I placed on hold came in the very same day !!

I walked into Pasquotank library and as I walked in one of your employees Charline Meads acknowledged me by saying " Miss Sheila"?. I could not believe that this lovely young woman remembered me from the week before.

I have lived in this country for 28 years and never have I been called by name in any library throughout the country. Charline made my day. I did tell her how impressed I was but I wanted you to know also. Have a wonderful week, Sheila Bladow / May 2014 

 animatedcongratsto the Job Readiness Committee (Beatheia, Terence, Brian, and Irene). You handled yourselves very professional and well-versed, even with the unexpected moments. Jackie King, May 2014 

img_1797  Congratulations to Monek Adams for spearheading a very well organized Spring Festival. - Jackie King, May 2014


img_2435   Congratulations to Taneshia Jernigan, winner of National Library Week 2014 Submit a Star - April 2014

animatedcongrats to the Black History committee (Charlene, Monek, Christine, and Brian) Job Well Done! - Jackie King, February 2014

I would like to thank Charlene Bond, Taneshia Jernigan and Christy Maxwell for a job well done for being in the Christmas parade. They passed out 92 coloring books and 52 give-away books.  So if you see them give them a pat on the back for a job well done. - Monek Adams
img_1803   I would like to thank Charlene Bond for all her hard work on the "All American Christmas/Jazz Night". It was a wonderful success. - Irene Ward

 img_1797    Kudos to Monek Adams for being selected Employee of the Year 2013. Monek has provided exemplary service to the patrons of the main library and the bookmobile. - Jackie King

 animated_stars_sparkling   KUDOS TO THE STAFF
 I really don't know anyone by name but everyone at the library has been extremely helpful. I have had the pleasure of enjoying the toddler preschool hour on Wednesdays with my granddaughter, participating in your Genealogy workshops, help in the computer lab doing research, getting information about what was available in town, how to find it, where to vote etc. I also appreciate not being hit the first time I put books on hold (I must have been so excited when looking at what all was available I requested 30 that first time and almost two dozen were ready a couple of days later for me to pick up) Thank you all for what you do. I could not survive without the library and you always make it a pleasant experience. - Kathleen Barnes

 Mike Barnett
I want to thank Mike for helping me fix the problem that I had with Microsoft Word and my computer on Oct. 11th. I asked, first, the next scheduled date for computer help which will be Oct. 24th. He gave it to me and also corrected my problem with my computer. I am so glad that I don't have to wait for the next computer help schedule but glad that it is available if needed. - Shelia Lee


11/20/14 - Ms. Ms. King:  Your entire staff deserves a "well done".  No matter what is going on in their day, the always manage to smile, and give each patron a kind word.  You also are to be commended, not every boss can say that their staff extends courtesy, no matter what.    A. R. Graham


You handled yourselves very professional and well versed, even with the unexpected moments


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