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Free Tutoring for anyone that has a Pasquotank County Library Card 

Class Descriptions



Mouse & Keyboarding


Learn the basics of using a computer mouse and keyboard.  Learn to maneuver the mouse (hold, click and scroll) and then practice online with typing tutorials and mouse games.

Help Lab


If you have your own personal computer questions about software, laptop or anything else bring them in for one-on-one help.

Facebook Basics


Prerequisite: You must have an account with Facebook before attending the class.  Visit www.facebook.com to register for a free account. On your personal account, you will explore privacy settings, learn about your profile, and find your friends and more

Gmail Basic


Prerequisite:  You must have an account with Gmail before attending the class.


Visit www.gmail.com to register for a free account. You will learn the basics of your inbox, how to compose a message, create folders/labels, change settings, send attachments and more.

Excel 1

Learn how to adjust cells Build a worksheet, write formulas and use functions, use auto sum, fill series, and learn terminology


Excel 2



Prerequisite: Excel 1


Learn how to use Multiple Source, Absolute vs. Relative Cell, Freezing Panes, the If Function, and adding Headers and Footers.



PowerPoint 1

In this class, you will create a simple presentation, add themes, clipart, smart art,  and learn how run your show and save your presentations.

Word 1

Learn basic word processing skills using Microsoft Word. Formatting, fonts, copy and paste, and many more useful features will be explored


Word 2



Prerequisite:  Word 1


Learn  Spell Checking and Grammar, Thesaurus, Indents and Tabs, Bullets and List, and Page Layout


Word - Fillable Forms



Learn to create a form that can be distributed electronically. Forms are locked for editing but allow a user to enter in data and print out the forms.


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Tuesday & Thursday: 8:30 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. | Saturday: 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

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