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Class Descriptions



Mouse & Keyboarding

Learn the basics of using a computer mouse and keyboard.  Learn to maneuver the mouse (hold, click and scroll) and then practice online with typing tutorials and mouse games.

Computer Basics

In this class, you will learn: basic computer operations, computer parts, windows environment, learn how to operate the desktop, and more. You must know how to operate the mouse and the keyboard to take this class.

Internet Basics

This is an introduction class to the Internet.  You will learn the basics of “surfing the net”, web addresses,  basic terminology, cool websites, how to get online and  search for information by using meta search engines,  directories, and more.

Internet Fun

Do you use the Internet every day, but still have trouble finding the perfect website?  We will explore many fun, free websites for your entertainment, education, and more.

Jump Drive 101

Do you have a jump drive or flash drive (those cute little storage devices), but do not know how to use it? Bring your jump drive to class and learn how to save information to it, and organize that information into files and folders.

Help Lab

If you have your own personal computer questions about software, laptop or anything else bring them in for one-on-one help.  You can also use this time independently to practice what you have learned in previous classes.


Picasa is a free photo editing software that you can download from Google to your home computer and edit your digital photos.  You will learn how to edit, remove red-eye, fix, and make collages with your pictures.

Internet Genealogy Research

This class will survey useful genealogy websites for local and worldwide research, including the library’s subscription websites, Ancestry.com and Heritage Quest Online.  You will also learn the basics of building a family tree.

Facebook Basics

Prerequisite:  You must have an account with Facebook before attending the class.  Visit www.facebook.com to register for a free account.  On your personal account, you will explore privacy settings, learn about your profile, find your friends and more.


By using student email accounts, you will learn the basics of your inbox, how to compose a message, create folders/labels, change settings, and more.

24 Hour Library

Learn how to use the Online Catalog to search for books; reserve books, and see your personal account.  You will also be exploring the free databases that you can use from home.


You will learn about Skype, the software used to call people all around the world.  This class will show you what you need to get started, how to use the software, make videophone calls, and much more.

Microsoft Paint

This is a very simple program that everyone should have on his or her personal computer.  You will learn the basics of the Paint program, how to create screen captures, and edit pictures/clipart. It is easy to use and a lot of fun!

Google Earth

Explore the world through this free program.  You can fly to anywhere in the world, get directions, find cities, and explore places in 3-D.  You can also explore the stars and other planets.


This website will allow you to create video slideshows; you can create unlimited 30-second videos using your digital pictures.  You will be able to add effects and music to make your pictures feel more like a video. Before coming to class, you must visit www.animoto.com and register for the free (lite) account and then bring your digital pictures on a jump drive so you can create your first video in class.

Google Basics

Learn what Google has to offer you besides searching for information.  We will explore shortcuts, Google’s directory, labs, advanced search techniques, products and much more.

Job Searching & Resume Writing

Are you looking for a new job or a better job but need help to find the perfect one and write the perfect resume?  In this class, you will receive tips on how to job hunt, job search websites, how to create your perfect resume or update your existing resume.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a web browser (the program you use to connect to the Internet) and in this class you will learn the basics of the browser, how to install it free on your personal computer, tips & tricks, search bar and more.

Google Reader

Do you want to read only the news that you are interested in?  With Google Reader, you can easily stay informed by retrieving the latest content from sites you are interested in.  The news is delivered to you.  You will learn what RSS is and does and how to use Google Reader to stay informed via RSS feeds from across the Internet.

Microsoft Office 2010

(REQUIRED for all Microsoft Office Classes)
Come and explore the new Microsoft Office 2010 suite:  Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.  You will cover the basic principles of the Office Suite such as the Ribbon – tabs, Background View – file menu, printing, saving; and more.  You will also learn how to add and edit art (pictures, text boxes, smart art, shapes, clipart, and screen clippings) to your Office Documents.

Microsoft Excel 2010

(REQUIRED Office 2010 Fundamentals)
This spreadsheet program allows easy analysis of data using tables and formulas.  You will learn how to set up a basic workbook.  This will include setting up a basic worksheet, entering and editing text, and use workbook tools such as fill series, freeze panes, wrap text, link worksheets and more.  You will also create simple formulas and learn how to insert functions to calculate your numerical data.

Microsoft Excel 2010
Organizing Data

(REQUIRED Excel 2010 Basics)
Using data organization features you can sort, filter, and group and outline data so that you can focus on its key parts.  In this class you will learn how to outline data, sort and filter data, create sparklines (mini charts), apply conditional formatting, insert hyperlinks, and more.

Microsoft Excel 2010

(REQUIRED Excel 2010 Basics)
In this class, you will learn how to create and edit basic charts to visually represent your data and create Pivot Charts and Tables.  Pivot Tables allow you to dynamically reorganize and display your data.  PivotTables can summarize huge amounts of data by category without the need to create complex formulas.

Microsoft OneNote 2010

(REQUIRED Office 2010 Fundamentals)
With Microsoft OneNote 2010, you can collect and organize everything you need—notes, photos, videos,
and web links— for any project you are working on. You will explore the basics of OneNote and create
sample notebooks so you can organize everything in your life.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

(REQUIRED Office 2010 Fundamentals)
In this class, you will create a simple presentation, add custom animation, themes, clipart, smart art,  and learn how run your show and save your presentations.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010  
Visually Enhancing Presentations

(REQUIRED PowerPoint 2010 Basics)
You can create visually appealing presentations with graphics.  You will learn how to create and format Smart Art, create and edit word art, add tables, insert charts, create action buttons, create custom slide shows and more.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010
Distributing Presentations

(REQUIRED PowerPoint 2010 Basics)
In this class you will learn what to do with your presentation.  You will learn various ways to distribute your presentations to colleagues and other audiences.  You will learn how to turn your presentation into a movie, create handouts, use Microsoft Word to create outlines, create pdf’s, save in various ways, and more.

Microsoft Publisher 2010


(REQUIRED Office 2010 Fundamentals)
This is a desktop publishing program used to create specialty items such as greeting cards, flyers, brochures, calendars and many more home or business related publications.  In this class, you will learn how to use templates, insert and edit clipart, and many other features to help you create desktop publications.

Microsoft Word 2010


(REQUIRED Office 2010 Fundamentals)
This is a word processing program.  In this class, you will learn formatting techniques, bullets/numbering lists, word count, how to proof your documents, copy & paste, tables and more.

Microsoft Word 2010

Letters & Mailings

(REQUIRED Word 2010 Basics)
You will learn what a Mail merge is, see why it is important and then perform the basic functions of a mail merge. You will also create envelopes (with borders and clipart) and then perform an envelope mail merge.

Microsoft Word 2010

Working with your Documents

(REQUIRED Word 2010 Basics)
You will learn how to work with your documents by using find and replace, adding bookmarks, adding quick parts/auto text, use the ruler and add tabs, learn how to track changes and more.

Microsoft Office 2010

Web Apps

With Office Web Apps, you are able to store your Microsoft Office Documents in Sky Drive, then open, and edit them using the Web Applications.  You will learn how to save your files in Sky Drive, learn how to open and edit documents in your web browser, create and save documents from your web browser and more.  See how Web Apps can let you create, save and edit Office documents wherever you are.


 LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network. Students can build their professional identity online and stay in touch with colleagues and classmates. Students will create a professional profile, search for jobs, post jobs, search volunteer opportunities, and add professional contacts.


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