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About CCPL Policies Meeting Room Policy

Meeting Room Policy


Currituck County Public Library

Meeting Room Policy


The Currituck County Library provides the community with meeting rooms as a part of the library’s goal to be a community resource.


1. Any event or program using a meeting room must be free and open to the public.

2. Barco meeting room maximum capacity is 44.

     Barco conference room maximum capacity is 12.

     Corolla meeting room maximum capacity is 109.

     Moyock meeting room maximum capacity is 110.

3. Only adults may reserve a meeting room.

4. There is no charge for use of a meeting room by non-profit groups.

5. Meeting rooms and conference rooms may be booked in advance. Groups wishing to use the meeting room on a regular basis may do so by completing a Library Meeting Room Schedule Form (see attached below).

6. The meeting rooms in all three branches may be used when the library is closed.

7. The key must be picked up by 6:00PM on weekdays and 5:00PM on Saturdays. The key must be returned in the book drop at the completion of the meeting.

8. Groups using the meeting room must sign the Meeting Room Use Agreement (see attached below) each time the meeting room is used.

9. The meeting room can be booked as far in advance as needed by the group.

10. Groups are asked to notify the library of cancellations as soon as possible so that the room can be made available to others.

11. Library events and programs have precedence in the use of the meeting room.

12. The group which has reserved the meeting room is responsible for set-up and clean-up.

13. Food and beverages can be consumed in the meeting room.  Trash must be removed from the library and deposited in the dumpster upon completion of the meeting. 

14. Groups using the meeting room may use the library’s TV, DVD/VCR player,  podium, screen, whiteboard and easel.  However, the library does not provide supplies for

these items.

15. The library’s laptop and multimedia projector are available for use if a staff member is present.

16. Groups may not store their meeting supplies at the library.

17. Groups wishing to sell items as fund raisers at a meeting held in the library must get permission from the Librarian or branch manager before doing so.

18. Groups holding meetings in the Barco library may advertise the meeting in the library by posting flyers in the hall leading to the meeting room or the table in the foyer.


19.These regulations apply to both the meeting room and the conference room.

20. The library will consider co-sponsoring events if the event is free and has the potential for wide community appeal.

21. Groups may book more than one meeting room at the same date and time.  However, the library reserves the option of restricting the group to the largest room they have booked in the event that another group would like to use a meeting room on the same day and time.

22. In the event of complaints about the meeting room policy or how it is implemented, the complaining party should make a written complaint to the County Librarian.

23. Complaints about the content of any programs or meetings not sponsored by the library should be made to the organization providing the program with a notice to the Librarian as well. 


Download this file (MeetingRoomScheduleForm2022.docx)Meeting Room Schedule Form[ ]25 Kb
Download this file (MeetingRoomUseAgreement01272016.pdf)Meeting Room Use Agreement[ ]383 Kb