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Bulletin Board Policy


Bulletin Boards, Displays and Exhibits Policy Statement

The Currituck County Library provides bulletin boards, displays and exhibits to inform, enrich and educate the public.


         An exhibit is any presentation of materials provided by the general public.

         A display is any presentation of materials provided by library staff.


 1. Individuals or agencies with interest in the local area are authorized to mount exhibits with the approval of the Branch Manager or the Librarian.

 2. Any individual or group interested in mounting an exhibit must fill out an Exhibi Request form and submit to the Branch Manager or Librarian 30 days in advance.

 3. Size of exhibits is limited to the space available.

 4. Exhibits will not be accepted that violate rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution or violate the Library Bill of Rights. This will be determined by the Librarian.

5. A Release of Liability form must be signed at the time of application. This will absolve the library of responsibility for any lost or damaged materials.

6. Non-profit agencies can display for sale items as a part of an exhibit. However, library staff will not handle financial transactions regarding the sale of the item. Contact information must be provided for each item on sale.

7. The Branch Manager has final approval of all displays in the library.

8. Displays will be given first priority. Exhibits will be scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.

9. All exhibits and displays are limited to one month.

10. Bulletin boards will be used to inform the public about public meetings, services and activities of broad public interest.

11. For profit agencies, businesses and individuals may not display flyers or business cards on library bulletin boards.

12. Non-profit agencies must seek approval of display items before posting them on a library bulletin board. Any staff person is authorized to approve these items.

13. Approval will be given to flyers and posters advertising fund-raising activities, public meetings, and current issues of interest to the general public.

14. Posters up to 9" x 15" and flyers up to 11" by 17" may be posted. Items may be posted up to a month before the event. Staff will remove all items after the event date.

15. Items to be posted must represent organizations in the East Albemarle Regional Library service area.

16. The Branch Manager or her designee will be responsible for the neatness of displays and the timely removal of out-dated materials.

17. The Branch Manager or her designee will immediately remove any materials that have not been approved or do not meeting specified criteria.

18. In the event of a complaint about the content of an exhibit, bulletin board item or display or the policy in general, complaints should be brought first to the attention of the Branch Manager. Appeals of the Branch Manager's decision may be brought to the Librarian. The Librarian's decision will be final.