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The Grace Austin Award 2016: Albemarle Genealogical Society

2016 Winner: Albemarle Genealogical Society

Shown accepting the award on behalf of AGS is charter member Lois Meekins with (standing left to right) Currituck County Librarian Laura Salmons, Currituck County Public Library Trustee Tom Oakes and AGS Vice President Naomi Rhodes.


Albemarle Genealogical Society Receives 2016 Grace Austin Award


The Albemarle Genealogical Society is the recipient of the 2016 Grace Austin Award. The award was presented at a recent meeting of the Currituck County Public Library Board of Trustees at the main library in Barco.


The Albemarle Genealogical Society (AGS) was founded in January 1982 to aid individuals in their genealogical research and in the complilation of their family histories. The society, serving primarily Currituck and Dare counties, attempts to create an interest in genealogy, to gather and preserve genealogical and historical data, and to provide genealogical resource information to any interested individuals.


The Grace Austin Award was established in 1999 and is given annually to a person or organization who provides special service to the Currituck County Public Library.