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The Grace Austin Award

The Grace Austin Award


Established in 1999, the Grace M. Austin Award is given annually to recognize a person or organization who has made exceptional contributions to the Currituck County Public Library.


Mrs. Austin served as the Currituck County Librarian from 1962 until 1983, which makes her the longest standing librarian in the history of the Currituck County Public Library. Those who knew Mrs. Austin have described her as a very patient and kind woman with a great love for children. It was said that at family gatherings, Mrs. Austin was more often found entertaining the children by reading books or showing films, than socializing with the adults. The Grace  Austin Award was established by Mrs. Austin’s daughter, Beth Childers, and son-in-law, John.


Our 2022 Grace Austin Award winner is the Monarch Lighthouse Club of Currituck


You can view a list of all past winners here.