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Code of Conduct


Currituck County Public Library

Code of Conduct

Welcome to the library. We are happy to are happy to provide you with library materials and any assistance you may need. Please help us to provide a safe, orderly, and pleasant environment by complying with the following Code of Conduct:

1. Abide by the law. Verbal or physical threats to library staff or patrons; fighting; intoxication; weapon, alcohol or illegal drug possession on the premises; or violation of any Federal, State, or local ordinance is strictly prohibited. Offenders will be asked to leave immediately, and the Sheriff's Office will be notified.


2. Speak softly and set your devices to vibrate. Unruly or inappropriate behavior such as running or engaging in horseplay; disturbing or distracting others with ringing cell phones or loud talking and laughing is not permitted.


3. Treat the Library with respect. Consuming food or drink outside the Meeting Rooms; littering; removal of library materials without following established lending procedures; careless handling of lending materials; tampering with or inappropriate use of public computers; misuse of restrooms or defacing property are all prohibited.


Should an incident occur:

  • The offender and guardian, if applicable, will be identified and a staff person will issue one (1) warning.
  • If the behavior continues, staff will direct the offender to leave the library premises. A minor under 18 will be offerred a telephone to call a parent or guardian for pickup. If no one is available, the Sheriff's Office will be called.
  • An Incident Report will be completed and submitted to the County Librarian, who will review the library privileges of the person(s) involved.


4. Be responsible for those in your care. Leaving minor children or dependent adults unattended on library premises before, during, or after hours is prohibited.


Should an incident occur:

  • The guardian, if present, will be asked to supervise the dependent.
  • If guardian is not present, the Sheriff's Office will be notified after hours. Minor children and dependent adults will not be left alone after closing hours for their own safety.


5. No selling please. Soliciting, distributing, or posting printed materials without prior approval is prohibited. Unapproved posted materials will be removed and discarded.


6. Service Animals are welcomed. Certified Service Animals may accompany patrons into the Library. All other animals are prohibited unless approved beforehand in conjunction with a Library program.


7. Dress appropriately. Shirt and shoes/sandals should be worn at all times. Clothing should be sipped and buttoned as intended.


Thank you for your cooperation. Please enjoy this and every visit to your local library.


Adopted by the Currituck County Public Library Board of Trustees, July 12, 1995.

Rev. 10/14/2016.



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